Kick back and relax. Like all things in life, there is a balance. So when it's time to unwind, think about what that means for your feet. Vibram FiveFingers® provide a healthy alternative to traditional footwear by uncasting your foot, allowing you to stretch and spread your toes. As the rest of your body relaxes, your feet can reclaim the physiological and sensory benefits associated with being barefoot. To put it simply, moving naturally makes them feel good. So whether you've been pounding the turf in your cleats or sending routes on an alpine wall, bring Vibram FiveFingers® along for the after party. Your feet will thank you.

FiveFingers best suited for Casual:

Trek Ascent
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"I spent my life being barefoot. Then FiveFinges came along, and it was the first real alternative that was the closest thing to being barefoot. I can't wear shoes, the constriction kills me. This is the only shoe I wear 24/7!"

                             - George Kominitis

Barefoot Junkie

"The benefits of being barefoot are well documented, afterall we are human beings and we are meant to walk barefoot. No matter what your goals, everyone benefits from some level of barefoot movement".

                             - James Maloney

Pilates Instructor



"I have tossed out all my old shoes, and now own 9 pairs of FiveFingers. It doesn't matter whether I'm going to the shops or hitting the gym, its the only shoe for me."

                             - Kylie Terblanche

                               School Teacher

VIBRAM FiveFingers
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