For overall fitness from the ground up. Like every other part of your body, your feet benefit from exercise. Whether you are cardio training, lifting weights or powering through a CrossFit routine, many exercises rely on flexible yet stable support from your feet and legs. That’s why the unique design of Vibram FiveFingers® helps you get the most out of your workout and your body.


Vibram FiveFingers® might be considered such a product, a revolutionary footwear design that allows our anatomy to work naturally and move more freely.

In Vibram FiveFingers®, your feet can move naturally and flex easily. Five individual toe slots let your toes separate gently, stabilizing your body and providing unrivaled balance and increased muscle stimulation to feet, ankles and lower legs. Our ultra-thin Vibram® sole delivers a sure-footed grip to help generate torque during power moves, and it enhances feedback and lowers your center of gravity to improve balance and agility. By putting your feet on a flat plane, without the downward angle caused by the heel lift in traditional shoes, your posture and alignment will improve and your joints and back will be in position for you to get the most out of your power movements.


When your whole body is engaged from the ground up, you’re able to train at a higher level. With Vibram FiveFingers®, you can count on increased balance, performance and an overall sense of control during fitness and strength conditioning.

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"No other shoe comes close to replicate the barefoot movement and full range of muscles activation I require as Vibram FiveFingers."

                             - Andrew Hudson

                               SA Body Builder

""I believe in staying grounded, and the connection that your feet have with the earth plays a critical role in your overall sense of balance and your link to your surroundings. FiveFingers gives you that feeling of being connection to your environment naturally."

                             - Lucy Jefferson

Yoga instructor

"Whether I'm training indoors or outdoors, I love the feel and flexibility of FiveFingers. The importance of barefoot training cannot be underestimated no matter your fitness goals."

                             - Michael Dos Santon

                               Gym Trainer

VIBRAM FiveFingers
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Mowbray Road
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Cape Town
South Africa
Tel: 021 5111943
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