Experience the trail. Designed to replicate being barefoot, Vibram FiveFingers® provides a uniquely natural way for you to feel the earth beneath your feet—whatever form that earth might take.


Whether trekking for you means exploring historic ruins or hiking a 4,000 footer, Vibram FiveFingers® will allow your feet to move naturally and put your body in an aligned posture. By lowering the heel, your bodyweight becomes evenly distributed across the footbed, promoting proper spinal alignment. Vibram FiveFingers® also help to strengthen your lower legs and feet, and encourage sensory feedback from your environment.


While trekking, you're bound to encounter varied terrain, and  Vibram FiveFingers® provide exemplary grip on a variety of surfaces. Some models are designed with a lightly  cleated sole for increased traction on more rigorous and demanding treks. Wherever your next adventure takes you,  Vibram FiveFingers® will let you experience it like no other footwear.

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"Scambeling up rocks in FiveFingers is an epic experience! The grip is on another level, as the shoe is so flexible it allows your foot to wrap around objects as you climb."

                             - Noel Buckerton

                               Mountain guide

"I feel totally connected to my environment with FiveFingers on. I can feel the earth beneath my feet, but I'm sure footed and protected because of the amazing Vibram outsole. In and out of river crossings is a breeze because they are so quick drying."

                             - Johan Malabaar




"Living in South Africa you are exposed to some of the best outdoor conditions on the planet. If you want to enjoy it to its maximim, then FiveFingers is the only footwear you should have on your feet! They're so versatile, and allow you to get that sense of fun in the outdoors!"

 - Stefan Brixton

Game Ranger

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