Water Sports

Increased traction for all 10 toes. Vibram FiveFingers® footwear was originally conceived for a variety of outdoor sports, but it is quickly becoming the preferred choice of kayakers, surfers, stand up paddle boarders, sailors and fishermen who appreciate the way it enhances grip, performance and control.


Water sport enthusiasts get exposed to harsh and unpredictable environments more often than dry based activities. It is because of this that your footwear needs to be able to provide you with the most assistance possible, giving you less problems to worry about.

Vibram FiveFingers water sport range tries to offer you flexibility and heightened proprioception for improved balance and agility, while still providing grip and protection over a variety of surfaces. The quick drying, secure fit uppers make Vibram FiveFingers suitable for a large variety of water sports.

FiveFingers best suited for Water Sports:

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"The problem with being out at sea is the sharp objects and rocks that lay at the floor of the footbed. Not only does the Maoiri protect my feet from sharp objects, it also serves me so much more than a traditional booty because I have full barefoot functionality."

                             - Adrian Wilson


"When you're on a kayak, portaging can be tricky. There is nothing worse than wearing conventianl footwear that gets wet and heavy. With FiveFingers I can portage easily, my shoes dry quickly, and whether I'm in water or out, It doesn't even feel like I have shoes on."

                             - Luke Milton




"In my line of work, I'm constantly in and out of water, coupled with hiking. This is the perfect shoe. I love the barefoot feet. If I feel like jumping in the river, it really makes no difference if I keep my shoes on or take them off. 

                             - Naoimi Chetty

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